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The first Intelligence Tuningbox


Tuning BoxIn the first minute of operation Tuningbox “self-learning” values of car and special algorithm Software Racepower Intelligence® adapts to the car where you installed the Tuningbox and this allows you to have the best available mapping and therefore excellent performance, this makes a difference by other Tuningbox commercially competitors that do not have this innovative feature.



  • + 32% increase in power and torque
  • up to more than 1.1 liters / 100km fuel economy
  • Software Algorithm Intelligence®
  • Microprocessor 200MHZ / 300 MIPS 64 bit
  • Double adjustment Torque and Power
  • Original connectors Plug & Play
  • Plug & Play in 2 minutes
  • Payment secure and fast
  • System Savetrip® free
  • Shipping free in 24 hour
  • Warranty 2 years
  • CE Automotive Certificate



  • Overtake fast without constant shifting
  • Quick starts
  • Fast throttle response
  • Reduction Turbo Lag problem
  • Compatible with Diesel Particulate Filter
  • No problem for car warranty
  • Greater elasticity and fluidity of the engine
  • Removable when you want in few minutes


Detail Turbo Diesel Tuningbox                                                                         Detail Turbo Petrol Tuningbox

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Why on the web there are low-cost Tuningbox?

There are two types Chip tuning : analog and digital. Analog chip tuning have fixed settings can not be adjusted, such units can ruin the car’s engine (type Chinese units or sold to a medium-low price).
While digital chip tuning are programmable and you can adjust them without ruining the engine of your car because they act within the limits of the parent cars, the price is medium-high.

I make a list of what we do:

Study, design, testing, , choice of high quality materials, technology, design ….

Our Tuningbox are totally Made in Italy, like the Ferrari cars.

The control unit is professional and has components of the latest generation and long-lasting in time.

Box is resistant to everything: heat, cold, ice and water.

Original Automotive connectors.

CE Automotive certificate.

Adjusted specifically for your car.

Service and Warranty.

See and compare, you know we are here, probably you will come back to us.

Email support or telephone / Watsupp  +39-3273892636 for any purchase information, sales or installation.

We wait for you!!!

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Updated 11/01/2017


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