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The first Intelligence Tuningbox

Tuning BoxIn the first minute of operation Tuningbox “self-learning” values of car and special algorithm Software Racepower Intelligence® adapts to the car where you installed the Tuningbox and this allows you to have the best available mapping and therefore excellent performance, this makes a difference by other Tuningbox commercially competitors that do not have this innovative feature.



  • + 32% increase in power and torque
  • up to more than 1.1 liters / 100km fuel economy
  • Software Algorithm Intelligence®
  • Microprocessor 200MHZ / 300 MIPS 64 bit
  • Double adjustment Torque and Power
  • Original connectors Plug & Play
  • Plug & Play in 2 minutes
  • Payment secure and fast
  • System Savetrip® free
  • Shipping free in 24 hour
  • Warranty 2 years
  • CE Automotive Certificate



  • Overtake fast without [...]

Chip Tuning

Best Chip Tuning


engine power loss

Do you want to increase the engine power and the car’s horsepower? You engine power loss caused by the transport of loads or air conditioning? Want to improve the performance of Your Car?

You have a slow machine picking up, slow starts? Your car is hard to pick up speed on the climbs and more ‘steep? Do you want to increase the power in the acceleration? How to reduce fuel consumption of Your Car?


So to your car lacks that bit of sprinting in more ‘to make a …

chip tuning

– Starting spirited
– A quick and safe overtaking
– An ‘instant acceleration
– And why not, get noticed !!



We have the solution for you

Add to Your Car a Chip Tuning that elaborates the signals safely [...]

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