Faq Chiptuning racepower

    No, the remote control is only an option that serves only to turn on / off the unit directly from the driver.
    Of course, the cables is provided with the tuningbox, in fact, no need to cut wires or other in the engine, also it can be removed whenever you want.
    The level of reduction in consumption is conditioned by driving style, the type of road that runs and other variants, for example: traveling constants to 90 km/h it has a higher torque and consequently the consumption decreases in a remarkable way, if instead it leverages the full power under full acceleration then the consumption is greater, anyway in proportion to the increase power, but then when you release the accelerator and traveling steady, get reduction in consumption that also compensates the increase previous and then you always an advantage, averagely reduction in consumption that can reach even exceed 20%.
    Chiptuning Racepower Intelligence is designed for cars with a particulate filter, so no problem.
    Yes, no problem, you can find all information on “Terms of Sale”.
    This problem is called “turbo lag”, with our Tuningbox is surely attenuated and in most cases definitively solved.
    Of course, Tuningbox can be reused on cars with the same fuel (for example Turbodiesel), if changes with turbopetrol car need exchange but you will get a discount, contact us for details.
    24-48 hours for all Europe Countries of European Community, 3 to 15 days for other Countries, we ship all over the world (free of charge).
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