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engine power loss

Do you want to increase the engine power and the car’s horsepower? You engine power loss caused by the transport of loads or air conditioning? Want to improve the performance of Your Car?

You have a slow machine picking up, slow starts? Your car is hard to pick up speed on the climbs and more ‘steep? Do you want to increase the power in the acceleration? How to reduce fuel consumption of Your Car?


So to your car lacks that bit of sprinting in more ‘to make a …

chip tuning

– Starting spirited
– A quick and safe overtaking
– An ‘instant acceleration
– And why not, get noticed !!



We have the solution for you

Add to Your Car a Chip Tuning that elaborates the signals safely in your car.

Unfortunately, the machines that are on the market in order to respect the law does not have aggressive engines, snappy, roaring … and this means not to make the most of their cars … and this leads to be disappointed by the performance of the Auto or want exchange car.

So adding our self Chip Tuning you will immediately benefit:

– Increase power and torque of 30%

– Improve the performance of Your Car

– No wait in acceleration and Turbo lag problem

– No more delays in accelerating

– Overtake snappy and shooting speed

and not to forget the consumption reduction

If you will keep the same style of driving with our add-on module you will also have a reduction of 20% reduction of consumption, each 100 km one liter of fuel less.

It is not a bad average? Think of how many Km you walk in a year and how much you spare !!!

Chip tuning two functions: increased power and torque and reducing fuel consumption.
In this way the engine of your car is more ‘brilliant and contain fuel consumption.
Chip tuning can be installed on all diesel cars Turbo and Turbo petrol and LPG systems or methane and trucks or campers.

This Chip Tuning will be installed in the engine of your car by connecting it to the pressure recorder connectors.

Installation is simple and you will have all the installation instructions.

Email support or telephone / Watsupp  +39-3273892636 for any purchase information, sales or installation.

We wait for you!!!

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Updated 11/01/2017








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